bottle cap ornaments.


We have been collecting bottle caps for some time for various projects. We finally put some to use. Creating these little reindeer bottle cap ornaments (or I bet you can stick a magnet on back if you wanted to do that instead) was pretty easy!

You need:
bottle caps
Super GlueHot glue
small googly eyes
small red pom poms
pipe cleaners

First we created the antlers from the pipe cleaners. Cut your pipe cleaners to size and create little antlers.
I then used hot glue to affix the ribbon to the back upper center of the bottle cap. Also use the hot glue and affix the antlers to the back.

Turn your bottle cap over to glue on the face. I used super glue here, since I had little hands helping me, I didn’t want them to get burned by the hot glue. I suppose elmer’s glue would work as well, but I went with super glue, hoping it would hold up in the long run.

Hang on a tree or attach to the top of a present!


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