photo transfer ornaments.


and more ornament making for the holiday season! I love giving handmade gifts!  I found the instructions here. 

  • Wooden craft ornaments ( I found some at micheals for $.52)
  • Matte Gel Medium
  • White Craft Paint
  • Christmas images you’ve had printed on a LASER printer (ink jet will not work.  Kinko’s self serve printers are laser.
  • foam brushes
  • twine
  • Glitter Craft Paint
  • sandpaperSTEP ONE: Paint your ornaments with white paint (a lighter background is best to trasfer the photo). Distress the edges if you would like to with sandpaper

STEP TWO:  Cut photos to size.  Apply a coat of the gel medium to the image side of photo.

STEP THREE:   Put photo IMAGE SIDE DOWN onto ornament.  Use a credit card or other burnishing tool to smooth paper down and get rid of any air bubbles.  Allow to dry overnight.

STEP FOUR:  Use a squirt bottle to mist water over the back of the paper.  Then use finger to gently rub the paper away.  You can also remove any paper that is hanging off the edge as well.   Best technique is to rub paper off entire surface and allow to dry.  Repeat this until you no longer see any paper remnants.  It took about 4 times to get all of the paper off for me.  Luckily it only takes a few minutes for it to dry.   Be careful not to rub too hard over the faces!

STEP FIVE:  Sand around edges again, if you want.  Apply glitter paint if you’d like!  Add twine to hang and you’re done!

terrarium ornament.


Here is another fun ornament you can make using clear globe balls. I used the same balls I used in my glitter ornaments.

I happened to find a bag of moss at Homegoods for $2.99! (i cant wait to make other projects with it!) , and got a little evergreen branch at micheals that had tiny acorns glued to it. basically I put it all inside and made a little terrarium!

bottle cap ornaments.


We have been collecting bottle caps for some time for various projects. We finally put some to use. Creating these little reindeer bottle cap ornaments (or I bet you can stick a magnet on back if you wanted to do that instead) was pretty easy!

You need:
bottle caps
Super GlueHot glue
small googly eyes
small red pom poms
pipe cleaners

First we created the antlers from the pipe cleaners. Cut your pipe cleaners to size and create little antlers.
I then used hot glue to affix the ribbon to the back upper center of the bottle cap. Also use the hot glue and affix the antlers to the back.

Turn your bottle cap over to glue on the face. I used super glue here, since I had little hands helping me, I didn’t want them to get burned by the hot glue. I suppose elmer’s glue would work as well, but I went with super glue, hoping it would hold up in the long run.

Hang on a tree or attach to the top of a present!


318. felt owl ornament.

I have alot of things pinned to make for christmas! I know its still a ways off, but it already seems to be everywhere AND it snowed last night! This project isn’t THAT christmas’y, so dont worry….I saw these cute little guys, and picked up some styrofoam balls so I can make some (and some other ornaments coming up!) I was supposed to buy 4 inch balls, and I wasn’t paying attention and bought 3 inch, so I had to modify the pattern a little bit. He turned out ok – although I think he looks kind of yoda-like, wouldn’t you say?!

297. perler bead ornaments.


I saw this on pinterest, and since its been so rainy lately, I thought I’d give it a try with milo. We gathered our metal cookie cutters and put them down on a pan. We filled the cutters with the beads, and baked at 400 degrees for 8 minutes. We punched them out of the cookie cutters…and then…..Meh. I dunno. These didn’t turn out as great as I thought. We made a few others, that aren’t shown because its hard to tell what they are. I think that was the problem…The tree, bell and butterfly were our best ones because they were easy to tell what they are. It passed the time and was fun at least! Milo kept asking when we were going to eat them!