344. tinsel wreath.

milo and I worked on this tinsel wreath after seeing something like it in Time Out Kids. We took a 6 inch embroidery hoop and wrapped a package of tinsel-y pipe cleaners around it, stringing a few bells here and there as well.

338. holiday card wreath.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is sending and receiving holiday cards! Mine are already designed, printed, addressed, stamped, and ready to be sent out. Don’t worry, I’m going to wait a few more days before sending them out…

I never really know how/where to display them. I saw something like this on pinterest and decided to make my own variation of it. I used the largest embroidery hoop I can find and instead of painting it, like I saw in the example (I didn’t feel like going outside in the cold to use spraypaint), I wrapped mine in yarn. I hot-glued little clothespins to it, and as the cards start to come in Ill clip them on the wreath. Looking forward to those cards coming! Kind of nervous, since we moved, we won’t get as many. And I always seem to send WAY more than I receive, but I love sending mail!

334. hand wreath.

I worked with milo on this wreath we made out of his hand. We painted it, glittered it and add sequins. Its proudly hanging in our kitchen now.

271. autumn yarn wreath.

I made this wreath after following the tutorial here. It was fairly easy, but took a little bit of time. Nothing you can’t get done in an evening though. It came out pretty good, although I kind of wish i would have bought a thicker wreath to wrap. This is all they had at Michaels. It was really inexpensive to make. I already had the yarn, and I had a coupon for the wreath, so I think I spent about $3 to make this happen. I would really love to hang it on my blue door, but I don’t have a wreath hanger at the moment. I think its packed away with the christmas stuff, and I’m not about to go digging through christmas stuff just yet. So for now it sits here and seems to work just fine.