dog sweater, take 2.

Stella gets a new sweater!

And its a much better fit than last time.

I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Flower Garden Dog Sweater, only modifying it to fit my dog. I used the 1x pattern for stella, even though shes only 42 lbs. I didnt crochet the flowers, and I made mine a little bit shorter than in the photo.

But overall this was really easy. It took me about 2 hours total. I used bulky yarn and my trusty 10 hook. I stopped often and measured it against stella to make sure it would fit in the end; this was a big help and she was always willing to come over to me and oblige.

This pattern is two pieces – you crochet the back piece first, and then crochet the underside and sew them together, leaving spaces for the arms. When it was all done, I crocheted brown trim on the edge, armholes and neck to give it a more finished look.

Happy to report that miss stella loves it. I believe you have to enter a password/username in order to view the pattern above, but the pattern is free, so check it out!

cold fighting smoothie.


Its like the plague has hit our home. First, pink eye struck. Then a bad cold I’ve been fighting for over a week. Then 103 degree fevers and a trip to ER for milo…. Now my husband is sick. Its been a LOOOONG week. and my cold is still lingering!

I made up this smoothie to help us get some vitamin c in our bodies first thing in the morning. It may not actually “fight” a cold – but I wanted something nourishing and fresh in our bodies to start the day since we haven’t been eating much real food otherwise. It definitely tastes good!

1/2 cup almond milk
1 orange
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 handful spinach/and or kale
Squirt of honey

Mix it in a blender and drink away!

363. snowman.


We celebrated our first real snowfall by making our first snowman ever!

341. snowglobes.

I have been wanting to make our own snowglobes for a while! I finally found some of these little christmas trees at micheals, so we were able to make these finally happen. I dunno though…I kind of feel like this is a pinterest fail in some ways. The glitter sticks to everything (we tried using glitter and glitter tinsel – the tinsel works better for sure). The trees seem to darken the water and we have to redo them. We used the glycerin, but in some of them (the middle snowglobe) the glitter gets all clumpy at the top ( I think b/c of the gylcerin). So I dunno. Has anyone else made these and have had luck? Whats the trick?! They seem so easy. Anyway, we had fun doing it and making a few as gifts! I love that milo picked a dinosaur for his on the end.

323. infinity scarf: stage one.

I started working on this infinity scarf using the same pattern as my cowl I made earlier this week. Still have a ways to go, but I’m making progress.

47. my little sunshine.

I’ve got to work on editing photos tonight from saturday’s wedding, so this morning I snapped this photo of milo and thought of it blog-worthy. So today, I am presenting you with this photo that I made…..I also realize I’ve been totally slacking on taking any photos of our lives the past few months, and I really should get going on that. Milo grows and changes so quickly, and thankfully I have lots of photographs to show me that!  And as an added bonus – I kniited that hat he is wearing (last year). He calls it his “snow hat” and has chosen to wear it the past few weeks.

On a side note, I sold a photograph of maddox today! A vet in the south loop will be purchasing it to hang in the office.  This is the second vet office that has bought this photo. My pittie is going to be a superstar!

42. chris and courtney.

I spent the day photographing Chris and courtney ‘s wedding. Couldn’t be happier for these two!