washi dress.


Ah! So sorry for the lack of posts. I promise you I have been busy making things! 🙂
Summer has gotten the best of us, I guess!

Anyway, something about the long holiday weekends makes me want to take on a sewing project. And thats just what I did. My friend Emily and I have been drooling over this pattern since she launched it. We purchased it last September, and have been purchasing fabric since then with the dreams that someday we will execute this dress. We were both kind of timid going into this, but knew with eachother’s help we could figure it out.

We got a later than we wanted start on friday afternoon, and got to it. I used a sheet from the thrift store, so if it worked out, it would be cute, but if it didn’t, I only lost $1.99. Glad I used the sheet because it was definitely a learning experience. The sheet was probably too sheer to use as a dress and because it was a sheet, it was kind of more potato-sacky than I would have liked. I also got to really test the fit and see how it works. According to my measurements, I was probably in between a xs and small, so I went with a small the first time around. I retraced my pattern pieces and resized my muslin in a xsmall, and I went for it, hoping for less bulk in the back, and it seemed to work.

This pattern taught me some new things: darts! pleating! understitching! sleeves! Shiring! And I accomplished them all. Emily and I didnt get to actually finish on friday, so on Sunday I took the day and made my “real” dress – referring to you tube when I needed help. Overall the instructions are VERY well explained, and the dress is super versatile and really cute. There are lots of easy things you can do to personalize it, dress it up, dress it down, etc. I plan to make at least another one…or two…. 🙂

You can see other completed dresses here. If you are a beginner sewer, like me, and looking to kick your sewing projects up a notch, go for the washi dress. You can totally do it!

(oh! the fabric I used is by “dear stella” and its pretty much my stella’s color!)