24. tortilla soup.

Tonight I made another version of tortilla soup. Last time I used the crock pot; Tonight I used the vitamix!

Basically I threw 5 roma tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, half a green bell pepper, chunk of onion,  a carrot, half an avocado, 1 tspn of taco seasoning, some black pepper, 1 soft corn tortilla, a vegetable bullion cube and 3 cups hot water into the vitamix. I blended it for about 6 minutes, until I saw steam coming from the top. Yes, my friends, the vitamix COOKS THE SOUP AS IT BLENDS IT.

(this would have been super yummy with a bunch of cilantro, but dj would have probably divorced me)

When it was about done, I threw in a cup of black beans, a cup of corn and some chorizo seitan and blended on low for a few seconds. We topped it with some crushed tortilla chips (donkey chips of course, they are the best!)

…and there you have it. Fresh, hot soup in under 10 minutes!

23. pasta sauce.

After contemplating one forever, yesterday I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a vitamix. I sat at work today daydreaming of all the things I want to do with it. Tonight I got to give it a try, and I made some fresh pasta sauce. Dinner came together in no time. While my pasta was boiling, I threw a container of cherry tomatoes, handful of basil, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 Tablespoons tomato paste, 2 Tablespoons vegan cream cheese, 1/2 a small onion, salt, pepper, dried oregano and some nutritional yeast in my vitamix. I blended it up and warmed it up in a saucepan. By the time my noodles were done boiling, my sauce was warmed through. A fresh, healthy dinner in only 15 minutes! I love you vitamix.