188. garden stone.

I saw this post on making your own garden stones using a cake pan. We had some leftover cement from a fence project Dj is working on – and I got some mugs and a cake pan I could junk up from the thrift store. This was pretty easy! Our cement was the fast setting kind, so this was ready in no time. I want to make a whole bunch! I have lots of other ideas – I definitely think we need one with milo’s hand print!

171. tank dress.

This has been on my to-do list for quite some time, and I’m pleased to have finished it! I went thrifting this weekend and found this sheet for $1.99 and a tank for 99 cents. I mainly used this tutorial, but kind of skimmed through multiple versions and using my own knowledge made it work. I used the hem that was already on the sheets, so that was one step I was able to skip. Though its not perfect, I definitely learned alot and am pretty pleased with the results.

15. chewbacca.

A few months ago I saw this pattern for an adorable chewbacca plushie doll. I saved the pant legs that I cut off my pants from my halloween costume just for this. The instructions looked pretty easy for a beginner like me, so I knew one day I could try to make this happen. I needed pinking shears to give the face that cute effect, which I finally got for christmas. Milo helped me cut all pieces (well he just dumped out my pins and kept picking them up with my magnetic pin cushion thing and kept talking about how I was going to make a chewbacca for him). It was a pretty fast project to complete. I had a hard time figuring out what to do with the step about the face and pondered on this for probably longer than necessary.  I read and re-read that part over and over and just figured out something on my own. I also didn’t hand sew the arms and legs on like the pattern says to do; instead just sewed them on with the machine and then tucked them in the body like I would do for tote bag straps, then sewed the seams shut and turned it right side out. This way was definitely possible, however, the arms and legs are bulky, so I probably should have been more careful and strategic when I did this. It made for a really messy outcome, but now I know if I ever make one again. Overall I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out. And you know who’s even happier? Milo. He loves his chewbacca. He kept calling him his buddy. And he has brought him to school with him every day this week. He goes to bed with milo at night and when milo makes his way into our bed in the middle of the night, chewbacca usually comes along too.

This project was especially great because it didn’t require a trip to the fabric store….I bought the pants at the thrift store for my halloween costume and then used the remnants to make this happen. So in the end it only cost me about around $1 or so to make. Yay!