215. embroidered bird.

Today was a rough day. It was my first day commuting on the metra without milo in tow. He started a new daycare, and I didn’t think this would affect me and make me so sad…but I really miss my little train buddy. I tried to pass the time by working on this little embroidered bird. I saw this drawing somewhere last week on the internet and pinned it (but of course I can’t find the pin now…) and I traced it and made it into this little embroidery. This is definitely the most precise I have been with my stitches. I still need work, but it’s getting better. I will probably be doing alot more of these guys on the train rides, since I have 30 minutes each way to kill…

214. c3po coffee cozy.

I made this coffee cozy for dj. Its supposed to be c3po.

Milo said it looks like plex.
Dj asked why he had a moustache.

It’s made out of felt, and lined with some fabric on the inside. I sewed it all up by hand too!



51. fabric scrap flower.

I put together this flower using all fabric scraps. And I mean scraps. Now I don’t know I will ever throw any remnants away because this little project proved that the littlest scraps can contribute!