superhero party games.

Last up: Super hero party games!
We had the party at the field house at our park and the weather was kind of iffy that day, so we didn’t know how much time the kids were going to get to play outside. So we planned some indoor and outdoor games.

When the kids first arrived, I had them decorate their goodie bag with superhero stickers.


We played musical chairs to get the kids warmed up.

Then we played freeze dance. Here, they had a chance to freeze and do all kinds of superhero moves.

IMG_9320 IMG_9321

We then went outside and put a mask on my husband. He acted as the villian and the kids had to chase after them, wearing their masks of course, and if they tagged him he threw candy at them.

IMG_9326 IMG_9330 IMG_9328

We planned a water balloon toss, but since it was chilly, we just had the kids run inside, grab water balloons and chase the villian, trying to hit him with water baloons. THIS was a HUGE hit. The kids were going crazy, having a blast!

IMG_9333 IMG_9334

Last game before the pizza came was “tie up the villian.” we had four dads sit in chairs and gave the kids each a roll of toilet paper to tie up the bad guy.

IMG_9337 IMG_9338 IMG_9340 IMG_9339IMG_9347

we didnt do winners/losers, since these kids are all around 3-5, and get their feelings hurt easily when they lose. During musical chairs if they lost, they got a turn to start/stop the music. We made sure we had plenty of candy for everyone so it felt like all the kids got alot. During the water balloon throw, each kid got to throw a few water balloons each. And during the tie up game, no team “won.” we just celebrated everyone and gave the kids lots of candy to take home!

superhero bunting.

This weekend we had a superhero themed birthday for my little guy, who turned four. It was a huge success, and I’ll share with you some of the DIY elements I did, as well as some of the games we played throughout the week.

First up: Comic book bunting.

I went to half price books and bought six comic books for 25 cents each. I also spray mounted comic books on the back of the invitation.  But for the bunting I just cut out a bunch of triangles, folded them over some yarn and used hot glue to keep them in place. We hung these from the ceiling above the tables and they made the perfect decor. It was super easy and inexpensive and something you can whip up in no time!

superhero silhouette.


I made a silhouette once before; and I still had one more frame to use from when I scored these two for 10 cents at a garage sale this summer. I saw something like this on pinterest, and knew I had to make one for milos room. I found the batman art here; spraypainted the frame black (it was a gross brown color before); then used mod podge to affix the batman to the map paper. I used a heavier cardstock for the black batman because regular paper wilts and wrinkles when you use the mod podge on top of it. I originally thought of using a page from a comic book, but when I put the art on it, it didn’t stand out enough. You definitely want something that will make the black stand out.

I love this! I think its whimsical and fun, and it works perfectly in milo’s room.

286. milo, the superhero.

Trying to recreate an idea I saw on pinterest. Wouldn’t say it was the best execution, but we had fun trying.