146. flowers planted.

We have a yard! Which means time for gardening and planting!!
First there was some weeding that needed to happen…

Then getting the are ready to plant…Found those old bricks in the yard and built a little path around the soil. That little statue was left from the previous owner.

Flowers planted! I planted all perrenials with the hope they will come back and give me some love every year! I planted some cone flowers, painted daisies, brown eyed susans, two plants that the previous owner left, and four of my neighbor’s purple flowers. We live next door to a 90 year old, lovely lady who has beautiful flowers in her yard. She insisted I come by and look at everything she has planted. She had these beautiful tall purple flowers that she took from HER neighbor forty years ago when she lived in skokie. She wanted me to take a few and plant them as well. Hopefully I can make them thrive like she has!

137. saying goodbye.

After 9 years of living in the condo in the city, we are headed for a house in the burbs later this week. We ate dinner on the porch, chatting with our neighbors and friends in the building, enjoying the springtime weather. I snapped a few photos.

88. shooting stars.

One of my favorite things about the drive to southern illinois are the sunsets.
Another thing I love is how Milo calls these plane tracks in the sky “shooting stars.”