134. planes overhead.

Happy mothers day! We are moving in less than a week, so we had a million things to do today. We drove to bensenville to buy our kitchen chairs, and its really near the airport and the planes fly right over your head. It was pretty cool! So we stopped for a bit and watched as the planes came flying overhead.

88. shooting stars.

One of my favorite things about the drive to southern illinois are the sunsets.
Another thing I love is how Milo calls these plane tracks in the sky “shooting stars.”

76. Navy pier


We took milo to navy pier to ride the ferris wheel after work today. I wish I could say our experience was as pleasant as this photo looks. Unfortunately, right as we were about to board a bunch if thunder boomed. A dark cloud formed in the yellow sky. Drizzle. Once we got to the very top, pouring rain. Hail. Wind. We got soaking wet.

Oh, did I mention Dj is terrified of heights?

Milo took it like a champ. Mom and dad, not so much.