This year for christmas, I gifted aprons to my co workers, and some of milo’s teachers. Here you will see three of them. They are reversible! I sort of made the pattern up and winged it, but the basis is this:

You need two rectangles – each from different fabric. 26×22 inches (you can go bigger or smaller if youd like, depending on body type)
Put these right sides together and sew, all but the top of the apron. Turn inside out, so the right side fabrics are showing. Iron.
With your basting stitch, make a running stitch along the top and pull the loose thread to sort of gather the apron a bit.

Make waistband – cut from two fabrics something about 2-4 inches (depending how thick you want it )x54 inches. You can join the fabrics together if the fabric isnt long enough. With right sides together, pin and stitch the strips together along one of the long sides. Turn the right way out and press.

Press about 1/4-1/2 inch of the bottom of the other side in. Lay the gathered edge of the apron skirt inside the center of the waistband, placing up from the edge a bit and pin into place. Be sure to align the bottom of the waistband from both sides of the apron (this is tricky, so take your time). Sew the remaining seams shut and be careful because you will see it on the other side as well.

patchwork bunny.


I’m playing catch up for christmas here….I made another project from the quilts my husband’s great grandmother made. This time I turned it into a bunny for my mother in law for christmas. I used this pattern from purl soho. It was fairly easy to understand – I had some trouble but mostly b/c the quilt was so tattered and delicate in some places. This was actually my second one because the original one kept tearing because the quilt was in such bad shape. I was much more careful with this one and used pieces of the quilt that were in better standing. I love how this turned out and I think it will make a lovely keepsake. I really enjoyed this pattern though and I want to make some using regular fabric, or felt, as it suggests, so stay tune for that! I think they would make great baby gifts.