matisse: icarus.

This month for art mom I taught Milo’s class about Matisse’s “Icarus.” I showed them the piece and we talked about Matisse’s life and how he “painted with scissors” near the end of his career when he was sick. We talked about what we think this piece of art means. We talked about the colors and what they represented. I then told them the story of Icarus – and we had a great discussion.

This was an easy project – both to get the kids talking – and for them to use their imagination to create something of their own using the same process and colors. Some chose to replicate the piece exactly and some kids put their own spin on it!


block printing with second graders.

I did another art talk in milos classroom. This time I taught second graders about”The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Katsushika Hokausai.


we talked about all the different things they saw in the painting and then I talked to them about wood block printing and and the process behind it.

Then we did our own block printing, using styrofoam plates! Ahead of time, I cut the edging off the plate, so they had a flat circle to work with. I had the students draw whatever they wanted on the plates with a pencil; we spread some paint on the plate using a foam brush, then placed paint-side down on the paper and rolled over it with a brayer. (just a note, we found fatter lines worked better, so when a dull pencil works better than a pointy pencil)  We each made a few prints, so they can see what a “process” it was.

I loved seeing how creative the kids were with they chose to draw. It made a little bit of a mess, but I think the kids had alot of fun with it!

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“boquet of peace”

Happy new year! This is now my FIFTH year of keeping this blog going. Started as a 365 project, and just kept going and going…its been a great resource to me to keep track of recipes that proven successful as well as keep track of all the things I have made. Heres to another year of good recipes and fun crafting!

Once a month I volunteer as the art mom for my son’s second grade class. For our first project, I showed the kids Picasso’s “Bouquet of Peace” and told them a little about Picasso’s life and a little bit of background of the painting. We talked about other signs of peace and events in which the kids have given or received flowers. One of the kids even had this painting in her room, so she was really excited to talk about it. I passed out card stock, pom poms, construction paper, sequins and buttons and had the kids create their own bouquets of peace. We started by tracing our hands for the hands in the drawing, and then used them materials to create the flowers.