207. photo walk: red.

I took a photo walk at lunch and took photos of things that were red. Here are some things I came up with.

80. pinwheels.

I found a tutorial here to make little paper pinwheels. These were suprisingly simple! I just glued them to straws and glued a button in the middle of them. I will definitely keep them handy for some cupcake-worthy occasion in the future.

46. crochet hearts.

I definitely need to get better at this. I crocheted about 14 of these – and some of them are pretty wonky.  They only take about two or three minutes to complete one. I hope to take these and turn them into some kind of garland, but for now, here are some crocheted hearts.

45. valentine card

I want to explore sewing on paper alot more, but for now, here’s a simple valentines day card I made this morning for dj.