fourth of july wand.

IMG_0920 IMG_0888
Fourth of july is THIS WEEK! what?!!! How did that happen?  We have plans to check our our neighborhood parade, so I whipped up this fun little wand for milo to wave around.

And added bonus – after the holiday use it as a cat toy 🙂
You will need:
1/4 inch dowel rods
red white and blue thin ribbon
screw hook

Cut your ribbon to size. You want them to be nice and long so when you wave the wand they twirl around.
Screw your hook into the top of the dowel rod.
Loop your ribbon through the screw hook and tie.
Wave around!

if you are looking for another fun craft for fourth of july – Dont forget about these fun windsocks!


185. fourth of july windsock.

I’m not one to be very patriotic, or care too much for the fourth of july, but now that we live in the burbs it seems like it might be a little more fun. There is a parade in town tomorrow, a carnival set up, and the park at the corner of our block is doing fireworks…AND tomorrow were going to have some friends over for a little vegan bbq. So I’m feeling a little more festive than usual when it comes to the holiday. I came across these windsocks today and knew I had to make some! I fished some cans out of our recycling bins, spraypainted them blue, and hot glued some fabric scraps along the edges. To make holes in the top for the string, I hammered a screwdriver. Hung these from the garage and one in front of the house and I think they turned out cute! Maybe a little red white and blue wont hurt after all….