163. dinosaur planter

Go get yourself a plastic dinosaur from the dollar store, use an exacto knife to cut the top out, spraypaint it and put succulents inside. Viola! Instant dino planter.

145. hippo planter

I forgot to take a “before” picture! doh!

A few weeks ago, my co-workers and I set out to the North Shore Rummage sale. I was hoping to get more practical stuff for the house, but instead ended up with a bunch of random things, one of which was this hippo planter for $1. It was shiny and white, and had a wierd mark/stain on it.

So the other night when we were actually getting practical things for our house at Menards, I realized since I don’t live in the city anymore, I can actually buy spraypaint! And for $3.44 I was able to transform this hippo planter!