“boquet of peace”

Happy new year! This is now my FIFTH year of keeping this blog going. Started as a 365 project, and just kept going and going…its been a great resource to me to keep track of recipes that proven successful as well as keep track of all the things I have made. Heres to another year of good recipes and fun crafting!

Once a month I volunteer as the art mom for my son’s second grade class. For our first project, I showed the kids Picasso’s “Bouquet of Peace” and told them a little about Picasso’s life and a little bit of background of the painting. We talked about other signs of peace and events in which the kids have given or received flowers. One of the kids even had this painting in her room, so she was really excited to talk about it. I passed out card stock, pom poms, construction paper, sequins and buttons and had the kids create their own bouquets of peace. We started by tracing our hands for the hands in the drawing, and then used them materials to create the flowers.