peanut butter and jelly hand pies.


The leftover crust from the peach pie I made this weekend, pained me to throw away – so I decided to whip together some hand pies. I had enough left over to make 1 1/2 pies. So there was one full size and one mini.

I took the remaining pie crust and rolled it out and cut two rectangles, spooning peanut butter on one side, and jelly on the other. Put the two crusts on top of eachother and seal the edges, then crimp with a fork. Bake at 375 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

These were a HUGE hit with milo! Seriously. see that plate above? Its no more. It broke when I was chasing milo around trying to get the pie out of his hand. After eating the little one, he HAD to have the big one too, and I had trouble stopping the little devil!

IMG_0127What do you do with leftover pie crust? do you throw it out, or have you made anything fun with it? Do tell!

212. peanut butter and jelly popsicles.

Inspired by a few posts I saw on the internet, I made peanut butter and jelly popsicles!
My popsicle molds are kind of big, so this only made two.

1 8 0z. container plain soy yogurt
3 T peanut butter (all natural)
1 T honey or agave
Strawberry jam

blend the first three ingredients and then swirl in jam. Or blend first three ingredients, spoon some into popsicle molds, and add dabs of jam. Freeze and serve.