owl hat.

owl hat

I made milo an owl hat. He chose the colors – he insisted it be blue.

Someone on facebook posted this crochet pattern and said its pretty easy. So i took a stab at it – and turns out it is.
However, I started making milo the toddler/preschool size and got almost done while he was napping only to find out that when he woke up that its way too small. So i started over using the child size….And i had to add some rows and kind of make some stuff up while I went along because it was still coming up on the smaller size. So i did some winging – but that shows me that I’m starting to get comfortable enough with crocheting to be able to so.

This was alot of fun to make, and you can easily whip this up in a few hours. Like I said, i crocheted most of the hat while milo was taking a nap! I didn’t do the braided strings at the end because I thought it looked girly, but after looking at the finished product, maybe I will go back and do something like that?

the pattern I used can be found here: They have patterns for all sizes from newborns to adults.  Happy crocheting!

354. crocheted ocotpus.


This is my first experience with amigurumi. I find it REALLY hard to understand patterns. But I found this pattern on pinterest and as soon as I saw it I had my heart set on making it. One evening I just started reading it out loud and it made sense! Its basically just single crocheting in the round the entire time! Very very easy. I used a 5.5 needle, instead of the recommended 4.25 needle, so mine is a kind of like a giant squid. I worked on this over a few days as well. I didn’t do it in one night….but tonight I sewed it to together (very messily – need some work there) and now its complete. Its no where near as cute as the one in the photo, but I’m happy I was able to read a pattern and actually complete a project.  And as for those cute striped legs in the original pattern…. I tried it and it was NOT coming out cute for me. I definitely need some help with figuring out how exactly to change colors neatly.
I definitely see more of these kinds of projects in my future now that I have a pretty clear understanding of the stitches, and realize just how simple it is.

347. knitted infinity scarf.


I finished this scarf for my friend carrie tonight! Green is her favorite color. I just used a garter stitch – 16 stitches across, using size 17 needles, and two skeins of lions brand quick and thick yarn. I sewed the ends together to make it an infiity scarf. Its definitely thick and warm!

319. crocheted cowl.

Oh my, crocheting is SO much easier than knitting. Not even sure, after all these years, why I even bother with knitting.
I made this in about 90 minutes, using this tutorial. Its so so easy. It needs some work (its wider on top than the bottom). Also the tutorial said to make it 37 stitches across. I ended up making mine 55, and its still kind of hard to get around my ever so tiny head. so you might want to adjust that if you are doing the tutorial in the video. but this is basically a row of single crochets, two rows of double crochets, and then repeat! and because I used a big hook and thick yarn, it took no time. I definitely want to take on more crocheting projects…they are SO much more forgiving than knitting!

Next I plan to turn this pattern into an infinity scarf.  Currently checking my stock of yarn to see what I have enough of to make that happen!

311. knitted cowl.

This is what I did to get through the stressful election night. and yes I completed this in one day!  Probably about 4 hours to complete.
I used this as my pattern,  but  I added a few extra rows at the end. I’ve been knitting for about 9 years or so, and this is one of the first projects I completed in the round! I haven’t had much luck with knitting in the round in the past. This is a great pattern for beginners too, because its just knitting and purling complete rows.

257. ewok plushie.

I found this pattern here and made one in no time for milo. Hoping to hang on to this and put it in his christmas stocking but well see if i cave and give it to him earlier. Pretty cute I must say!

256. 2 zip hipster bag.

This was the first pattern I have ever purchased. When I saw this reviewed on this blog, I believed I could make it. The instructions are really detailed, and it breaks it down so that someone with basic construction and zipper skills (like me!) can do this! I started out working on it together with my friend Emily, but we ran out of time and were forced to finish it on our own. I worked on it in a few stages, and it is now complete.

I dont think the orange topstitching was a good idea because I’m still kind of messy. ANd i had a little bit of trouble figuring out the top zipper and had to make some ammendments at the end that weren’t in the instructions, but mainly due to me doing something wrong.

I definitely want to take another stab at this bag because it was so fun to make. It makes you feel like you are doing something so complex – it has a pocket inside, an outer pocket, and an outer zipper pocket, adjustable strap – AND the top zips!

246. reversible bag. take two.

Another attempt at this bag. Much more successful this time. Still smaller than I would have liked, but sucessful, none the less!

186. tank dress, revisited.

I took another stab at the tank dress, but doing it a little bit differently this time. I was at the thrift store today because all the clothes were 50% off. I came across this strapless dress for $1.50 – I was drawn to the bright fabric and was kind of bummed when it fit very oddly. I had the idea to bring it home and try to turn it into another tank dress. I grabbed a tank for 50 cents and quickly went home and got started. I kind of winged this one – remembering what I did last time, and thinking of ways to revise it. Once I cut the top off the dress, i realized it was already going to be better because the skirt is cut on a diagonal, so I wont have to do all that cinching like last time. I placed it on my waist and marked where it should fall, leaving a little give to get on and off. I cut the seam down the side of the skirt on a diagonal, using another skirt as my guide. I then stitched it back up to my new size. When I put it back on my waist, it was a little too big, so I thought to add some elastic. I folded over the top of the skirt and sewed, then pulled the elastic through. VIOLA – this helped and looked like a skirt! I sewed the top to the bottom, turned it inside out and there you go! Instant dress that only took me about 20 minutes!

I probably should have gone a little bit slower and did things more precise, but I was more curious if this would even turn out. It definitely turned out better than I hoped and I plan to wear my new dress today!

85. buttercup bags.

I took a class at the needle shop a while back to learn how to make these buttercup bags. Right after the class I cut a bunch of pieces out to make a few more. Today I finally put those pieces together and finished up two of them.