handprint owl.

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Milo woke up telling me he wanted to do “a project” so I skimmed pinterest to see what we could do and he got pretty excited when I showed him this hand print owl idea. I cut all the pieces out of construction paper and let him glue them onto the big paper. He loved getting his hands all messy in the paint to do the wings. He finished by writing his name on it, and proudly displaying in on the wall in our kitchen.

220. handprint owl.

A little family art project. I painted the trees, then milo added his handprint, dj added his handprint, then I gave them some faces.

09. owl.

I made an owl based on this pattern. The great thing about this pattern is you can make it using mostly fabric scraps. You can also add your own touches to give it some personality. It doesn’t take all that much time to make either. I definitely plan to make more of these. I need to figure out how to get the batting to not be so lumpy. Anyone got any tricks?