71. plastic bag keeper.

I checked out the book, Meet me at Mike’s, this week from the library and there are all kinds of great projects I want to make in there. This morning I was looking through it and deciding what to make this week and I started cutting the pieces for this plastic bag storage thing, just because it looked kind of easy. And it was! It is hard to see but it has a fold in the center where you stuff the bags in. I used a vintage sheet I got at the thrift store, but I think next time I will use something heavier. I had to do a little trial and error for one of the parts, but once I got that figured out, this came together rather quickly.

Also I think im going to order that book for myself, since there are so many things I actually want to make from there! The projects seem realistic and most of them are for beginners/advanced beginners, so I think I can do them too!