191. fabric wall pocket.

I saw this on pinterest, and knew I needed to make some for my office. It takes about 30 seconds to make one. The hardest part for me was figuring out what fabric to use…I ended up using an silk scarf I never have worn and some scrap fabric I had lying around. I hung it right in front of my computer. I want to make a few of them and use them organize bills to be paid, receipts, etc. These require no sewing – just some cutting, fabric scraps and emboridery hoop!

(The little elephant is from a set of cocktail napkins my friend gave me – I used an emboridery hoop to frame it!)

152. scarf organizer.

I have alot of scarves. And I cram them all in a drawer and forget about most of them. I searched on pinterest and found that by buying a $1.99 BYGEL rail from Ikea, 99 cent S-hooks from Ikea and $7 shower curtain rings from target, I was able to make a simple organizer.