354. crocheted ocotpus.


This is my first experience with amigurumi. I find it REALLY hard to understand patterns. But I found this pattern on pinterest and as soon as I saw it I had my heart set on making it. One evening I just started reading it out loud and it made sense! Its basically just single crocheting in the round the entire time! Very very easy. I used a 5.5 needle, instead of the recommended 4.25 needle, so mine is a kind of like a giant squid. I worked on this over a few days as well. I didn’t do it in one night….but tonight I sewed it to together (very messily – need some work there) and now its complete. Its no where near as cute as the one in the photo, but I’m happy I was able to read a pattern and actually complete a project.  And as for those cute striped legs in the original pattern…. I tried it and it was NOT coming out cute for me. I definitely need some help with figuring out how exactly to change colors neatly.
I definitely see more of these kinds of projects in my future now that I have a pretty clear understanding of the stitches, and realize just how simple it is.

213. embroidered octopus.

I drew and embroidered this little octopus today on my lunch break. Wedding season is kicking my butt at the moment, so I’m trying to make use of any down time I have to create SOMETHING non food related these days. I  have lots of sewing projects on my radar, just don’t have the block of time to work on them.

But I was happy with the way this little guy turned out! I want to do lots and lots more embroidery projects. My biggest problem is getting the images transferred onto the fabric. I’m not good at drawing (but i knocked this little guy out) and the transfer pencils I bought don’t work too well. I need a lightbox!!