Remember when I made this rice bag plushie?
I made another one, but used stuffing this time!
I actually made two – i brought one to my friend’s baby in Japan and recently gave the one above to a friend’s daughter for her birthday. I love making these little guys!

The pattern is found in this book, which is still one of my all time favorite craft books! Its such a great way to use up fabric scraps!

263. shark pants.

I found these shark sheets at the thrift store a few weeks ago and today milo requested I make him some shark pants.  When Dj got home milo suggested we make a pair for him too, so be on the look out: daddy sized coming up soon!

103. baby yoga pants.

This is another project from Meet me at Mikes, ;¬†this was my first attempt at making pants of any kind. I cut the pattern wrong the first attempt and I had a little snafoo with the elastic, but everything was really easy and well explained. The pattern looked huge, but once you get going and you get the elastic in at the top, they look pretty normal, AND pretty cute! These are supposed to fit babies 9-12 months old. I think that’s pretty accurate. I made these from a sheet I got at the thrift store, so once again, these cost me probably under a dollar to make!

78. rice bag plushie

Another creation from Meet me at Mike’s, this little rice bag was super easy to make, using the patterns from the book, my scrap fabric and a pair of djs old pants.

71. plastic bag keeper.

I checked out the book, Meet me at Mike’s, this week from the library and there are all kinds of great projects I want to make in there. This morning I was looking through it and deciding what to make this week and I started cutting the pieces for this plastic bag storage thing, just because it looked kind of easy. And it was! It is hard to see but it has a fold in the center where you stuff the bags in. I used a vintage sheet I got at the thrift store, but I think next time I will use something heavier. I had to do a little trial and error for one of the parts, but once I got that figured out, this came together rather quickly.

Also I think im going to order that book for myself, since there are so many things I actually want to make from there! The projects seem realistic and most of them are for beginners/advanced beginners, so I think I can do them too!