snowman frame ornament.

IMG_9893 copy.jpg

Every year I try to make an ornament with milo for our tree, and one that he can give to his grandmothers as gifts as well. This year we made these little snowman tree, using popsicle sticks, foam pieces and a photo from this year.

Popsicle sticks
White paint
Foam pieces
Hot glue
Twine or string
Photo from this year
Elmers glue

You need there popsicle sticks for each ornament.I cut one in half for the sides of the frame.

Have your child paint the sticks white. Add glitter if you’d like. While they are drying – Cut out all your foam pieces. I cut out two mittens, two boots, a head and a hat. Have your child draw a face on the snowman. We just used marker to do this.

Glue your sticks together, then add the foam pieces. Cut a piece of foam a little larger than the size of the frame. Using elmers glue, Glue the photo to the square foam piece, and then glue this whole piece to the back of the popsicle stick frame.

Add some twine or string to the top and hang on your tree!

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