207. photo walk: red.

I took a photo walk at lunch and took photos of things that were red. Here are some things I came up with.

143. farmers market.

Today marked the first day of the farmers market in Daley Plaza! I got some vegetable plants to start my garden this weekend, and some asparagus and snap peas and peonies. I love farmers market season!

139. last morning bus ride.

Since just about everything I own is in boxes, I have to make more photographs, because my phone is pretty much my last tool of creativity for a few more days.
Today marked the last morning commute for me and milo on the bus. Tomorrow is moving day!

134. planes overhead.

Happy mothers day! We are moving in less than a week, so we had a million things to do today. We drove to bensenville to buy our kitchen chairs, and its really near the airport and the planes fly right over your head. It was pretty cool! So we stopped for a bit and watched as the planes came flying overhead.

30. bird on a wire.

I’m meeting friends after work today, and will be getting home kind of late, so I snapped this photo this morning on my way to work.

Happy Monday! It’s going to be 50 degrees today!!