347. knitted infinity scarf.


I finished this scarf for my friend carrie tonight! Green is her favorite color. I just used a garter stitch – 16 stitches across, using size 17 needles, and two skeins of lions brand quick and thick yarn. I sewed the ends together to make it an infiity scarf. Its definitely thick and warm!

326. Another infinity scarf.


Ok. This will be last infinity scarf or a while probably. I took advantage Of our six hour car ride today and whipped this up. I used the same pattern I made the last scarf and the green cowl from last week, only I used the a size 10 hook and used two yarns together. It’s kind of bulky- it wraps three times so its probably more functional (warmth) than fashionable.

325. Infinity scarf complete.


Infinity scarf complete. Red heart yarn was a little too stiff for this, and I should have made it to wrap three times, instead of two. At least I learned from it! I will try again.

302. striped infinity scarf

This one turned out better than my last I think. It’s not as bulky, and I’m loving the stripes. I will definitely be keeping this one for me 🙂

299. infinity scarf

I made my first infinity scarf using some jersey fabric. Sewing with jersey made me want to poke my eyes out…but I will definitely take another stab at this…..this one might be a little wide, making it kind of thick, but i think it will work great for winter months! I plan to gift this one for christmas!