152. scarf organizer.

I have alot of scarves. And I cram them all in a drawer and forget about most of them. I searched on pinterest and found that by buying a $1.99 BYGEL rail from Ikea, 99 cent S-hooks from Ikea and $7 shower curtain rings from target, I was able to make a simple organizer.

148. curtains hemmed.

After three hours at ikea, one of the many much-needed things we needed for the new house were curtains. I’m not totally sure what to do with that front room yet. I want to get some fun chairs, but I think it will take some time to find. I was reluctant to pick curtains first, because they will dominate what the rest of the room has to look like now. But you can see right into the house, so we needed to get something up there for the time being. I settled on these curtains. At only $25, if they end up being too loud for the furniture we pick in there, I’ll use my sewing skill sand we’ll find somewhere else for them to go! But for now (maybe even permanently, here they are! I’m blogging about it because I hemmed them! We had curtains once in our bedroom at the condo and they were about 2 feet too long (and really ugly), so I ended up getting rid of them because I didn’t have the skills to hem them. Not this time! I’m going to full embrace having curtains….and hoping to make some for some other windows too!