m&m costume.

This year milo decided he wanted to be an M&M for halloween. A few weeks ago joanne’s was having a sale – all fleece 50% percent off, so I was able to make him this costume in no time, and for under $15!

Materials needed:

about 1.5 yards of fleece
1/4-1/2 yard white felt
satin ribbon
sewing machine and thread

Making this costume was pretty easy. I didnt follow a pattern, and just kind of made it up as I went along. I used drum head as my guide – and traced four circles (two for the front and two for the back). I made the “M”‘s out of white felt and sewed them on to the center of two of the circles. I used satin ribbon for the shoulder straps. And I stuffed the circles with some filling from old pillows (we JUST bought new ones, so we had old pillows to spare!) I attached some satin ribbon to the sides as well, to help keep it from moving around too much. Then with some leftover fleece, i sewed a quick hat, basically tracing an existing hat and sewing the two sides together.