golden snitch ornament.


I had intended to make these last year, and never got around to it. I found a pack of 12 plastic gold balls at the dollar store last season and have been hanging onto them with the hopes to make one of these. These took a little bit of patience and care to create – but they are perfect for all harry potter fans in your life!

I got the idea here.

Heres what you need:
Gold Ornament Ball
Jewelry or floral wire
Tissue paper
elmers type glue
hot glue
Gold glitter

First, draw an actual size sketch of how you want your snitch wings to look on a scrap piece of paper. Use this as a guide to shape thin craft wire into your wing shape. Close the shape by twisting the wire around the other one 3 or 4 times to make a tight coil. Snip the wire, but leave a little bit of the coil for later. Do this again for the other wing.

Coat wires with glue and lay a sheet of tissue paper over top of wires. Use a clean dry brush to push down on the paper, sticking it down to the wires all around each wing. Let dry, then cut out, leaving a few millimeters of paper as a border. Apply glue to border and roll over edges of wire all around the wing.


Coat wings on each side with glue and apply light gold glitter. Let dry.img_9331

Use a small dab of hot glue on the wire coils to make a surface for attaching to the ball. I used the longer tail here to help adhere the wing to the ornament. I held each of them vertically against a piece of parchment paper. Hold each one until the glue cools and a flat surface has formed on the bottom. I put a little more hot glue around it after it dried to secure it a little more and then later put elmers glue around along with some glitter to help hide the hot glue.

harry potter wall hanging.


Milo is going to have a harry potter birthday this year – and while searching for party ideas, I came across this fun wall hanging. I’m not a huge harry potter fan myself, but my family sure is – and I loved the message this has. My husband is a middle school English teacher and I thought something like this would be perfect for his classroom. I really wanted to make him one for christmas – but I didn’t have a vinyl cutter.

I sent Landeelu an email asking if she knew how one could get the stencil made without a vinyl cutter and she offered to make me one and list it in her etsy shop for me. So I went that route. I would like to try to make a screen printed or letterpress poster of this because I was hoping to make one more of these at least, but the vinyl stencil really only worked for one canvas.

heres what you need:

  • canvas material (whatever size you’d like your sign to be, taking into account the pockets at each end that you will sew for the wood dowels) I purchased some duck canvas cloth from joannes.
  • wood dowels
  • craft paint
  • Stencil (Fonts used are Bebas Neue and Veneer Extras for the lightening bolt if you want to recreate it exactly.)
  • twine, for hanging

Prepare your fabric. Sew one inch pockets over the top and 1/4 seam on the side (the sides are probably optional – i dont think that canvas will fray. I did it to be safe). Iron the hell out of this to make it nice and wrinkle free.

Apply transfer tape over stencil, remove backing from vinyl and then apply it to canvas material.  Burnish it down and then carefully remove transfer tape from vinyl making sure vinyl remains stuck to canvas. Be careful! The stencil is pretty delicate.

Using a sponge brush, gently dab paint over stencil.



Allow paint to dry completely and then remove stencil. I used a blowdryer to speed up the process.

Paint wood dowels desired color & cut to desired length.

Insert wood dowel into the pockets you sewn.  Hang with twine!

Thanks Landeelu for the great idea and for making the stencil for me!