matcha smoothie.


IMG_69411 t matcha powder (more or less, up to you!)
1 frozen banana
3/4 cup almond or cashew milk
1/4 cup coconut water
1-2 T cashews
small chunk ginger root

blend and enjoy!

green velvet cupcakes.

A few weeks ago I took my son to see green day, so that called for some GREEN VELVET CUPCAKES!

Basically to make these, take your favorite red velvet cupcakes, and swap out the red food coloring for green!

Make sure to top with cream cheese frosting! 


plush bunny.


I made a variation of this pattern for christmas here, and I made another one, using regular fabric and an old sweater (for the ears) recently for my friend who had a baby. I recently got a new sewing machine and needed to break it in, and this was the perfect proejct. It takes about an hour to actally sew once you get the pieces cut and it turns out pretty darn cute! One day I will try making it from felt, like the actual pattern calls for, but for now its been fun seeing how the project comes to life using patterned fabric.

you can find the pattern here.

354. crocheted ocotpus.


This is my first experience with amigurumi. I find it REALLY hard to understand patterns. But I found this pattern on pinterest and as soon as I saw it I had my heart set on making it. One evening I just started reading it out loud and it made sense! Its basically just single crocheting in the round the entire time! Very very easy. I used a 5.5 needle, instead of the recommended 4.25 needle, so mine is a kind of like a giant squid. I worked on this over a few days as well. I didn’t do it in one night….but tonight I sewed it to together (very messily – need some work there) and now its complete. Its no where near as cute as the one in the photo, but I’m happy I was able to read a pattern and actually complete a project.  And as for those cute striped legs in the original pattern…. I tried it and it was NOT coming out cute for me. I definitely need some help with figuring out how exactly to change colors neatly.
I definitely see more of these kinds of projects in my future now that I have a pretty clear understanding of the stitches, and realize just how simple it is.

254. clothespin stegosaurus

Milo and I worked on this Stegosaurus…and had alot of fun doing so! Milo did a great job on the painting, don’t you think?!

192. bird mobile.

I’m really excited about this project!
I saw this on pinterest and followed the link and it looked like it was super easy to make! I started digging through my fabric scraps and instantly sewed the little birds. The directions call for sewing by hand, but I just used my machine and went slow around the curves. They turned out great! (the pattern for the birds can be downloaded from that link.)

I had to make a quick stop to home depot for the screw eyelets, which ended up costing $1.18. I took a stroll around the park to find a branch. I hot glued the birds to the branch. Screwed the eyelets into the branch and hung from the ceiling using fishing wire.

This would have been a great and much longer-lived idea for a mobile for milo’s room when he was a baby. I thought about hanging this in his room, but opted for hanging it above my computer in my office.  This was so fun to make and I’m really happy with it!

184. green juice.

Made this green juice tonight with the hopes to get some fruits and veggies in milo and IT WORKED! In his exact words…”mmmm, this is delicious.”

1 green apple
3 stalks celery
1 cucumber
5 pieces of kale
handful of green grapes


106. toddler pants.

Yet another creation from the people behind Meet Me at Mike’s.  This time these pants are from their other book, Sew La Tea Do, which also has lots and lots of things I want to sew. These books are due back at the library soon, so I better get to it!

I made these from a spongebob pillow case I got at the thrift store for about 45 cents. They fit milo perfectly. and they have pockets too! Making pants is fun!

105. dishwasher detergent.

I ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher this afternoon and finished up the current bottle of store bought dishwasher detergent…So I made some more.

1 Cup of Borax
1 Cup Washing Soda
1/2 Cup Kosher Salt
15 packets of unsweetened lemon kool aid.

 Mix all ingredients in a container and voila! dshwasher detergent!
Use 1 Tablespoon per load.
* i used some the next day, and it works great! everything came out clean and sparkly! yay!

75. felt shamrock.

Tonight I am not feeling so well, but I quickly made this felt shamrock pin based on this tutorial. Try it, its kind of fun…and I don’t even like st. patricks day…