345. upcycled gift wrap.


We had some test sheets laying around at work that were pretty big, so I took them home and decided to try them out as gift wrap. Some are printed only on one side – so it makes for a nice clean canvas. I tied some yarn around it and used one of my pom poms leftover from my mantel garland. I used rubber stamps to put the name on the front of the box….Just like that I have a super cute christmas present to give!

257. ewok plushie.

I found this pattern here and made one in no time for milo. Hoping to hang on to this and put it in his christmas stocking but well see if i cave and give it to him earlier. Pretty cute I must say!

05. baby blanket.

I took a stab at making my first baby blanket, to give to one of my friends as a gift. It’s nice and big, and really soft. (maybe too big?) I didn’t really follow any pattern or anything. I basically took a yard of each fabric, sewed them right side together, turned inside out and then top stitched the edges.