feather tree.

More trees for my mantle! I wanted more texture to break it up a bit – and these did the trick. This was an easy craft using random feathers I already had from craft materials passed along to me.

Kraft paper, styrofoam cone, cardstock, or posterboard
Hot glue

I used some kraft paper and rolled it up in a cone shape and glue it together. I then started at the bottom, using my larger feathers first, and used my hot glue gun to glue them all in a row. Then I started the second later, and so forth, until I got to the top. I used all white, tan and some light pink feathers to kind of break it up a bit.

dream catchers.

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Milo and I made these dream catchers on saturday and I absolutely love them. We made one for his room, and one for my room. We used plastic bangle bracelets we found at the thrift store, and some random other materials we had laying around. Milo and I collect feathers when we find them, so this was a good project to use some of those from our collection. His includes a skull bead from a bracelet he got on Olvera Street that broke on him. It was fun to give it a new life.
I really really love these little dreamcatchers, and love that we worked on them together, repurposing items around our home, and giving them new life.


For these dream catchers you will need:
Yarn (thanks for the scrap yarn jennifer! We put the white to use!)
Embroidery Thread, bakers twine, cording, etc.
Hot glue
Bracelet or something round

First wrap your bracelet in yarn, very tightly. Leave a long strand at the end so you can hang your dreamcatcher. I secured the end with some hot glue as well to be safe.
Next, use some of your embroidery thread, cording or twine and string some beads along on it. Tie an end of the string onto your round circle and wrap around making some kind of shape and adjusting your beads accordingly. I used a dab of hot glue on the back to secure my end of the string.

Next, affix your feathers and beads if you prefer to more of the string of your choice and have them dangle from the bottom to your liking.

Hang on your wall and dream some good dreams!

tissue paper chicks.

Easter is right around the corner and I had to rush to get our craft on! This is an easy craft that you can put together with your little one in no time. Milo liked doing this project because he got to do just about all of the work, even the cutting.

heres what you need:
googly eyes
orange pipe cleaner
yellow tissue paper or streamers

Cut a circle shape to your desired size out of white or yellow paper. Cut your tissue paper into all kinds of shapes and sizes. this is a great step for your child if you have child-scissors because tissue paper is really easy to cut and there is no exact science here. Put some glue all over the circle and have your child place the tissue paper on it until its totally covered. Glue the eyes and nose in place. Glue (and tape for extra support) the feathers to the back of the piece, as wings. Cut your pipe cleaner to four pieces (two longer, two short). bend the short piece around the long piece to make the feet, and affix with glue (and tape!) to the back of the chick.

Display proudly!

Here’s another fun easter craft we worked on last year.

366. feather arrows.


My last post! i did it!

I saw this on pinterest a few weeks ago and fell in love!

One of the crazy 55 degree saturdays we had recently, Milo and I went exploring in the woods to see if we can find any stray bird feathers to make this project. We didn’t have any luck in the actual woods, but on our walk back to our house, I happened to look down and there were four bird feathers sticking out of someones lawn! I picked up dowel rods at michaels, and used embroidery floss that I already had. I’m still trying to think of a good way to display them. For now I found this vase at the thrift store for $2, so they are in there now, but its not quite right. I’m happy with the way these turned out, and they remind me of the little adventure milo and I took!

Thanks to everyone who followed me and hopefully was inspired a little to make something new-ish every day. It doesn’t have to be much – much thanks to pinterest! Couldn’t have done this blog without it.

Next year, i am definitely taking a break from a 365 project, but i definitely continue to make things – and will keep note of them here in this blog, so please continue to follow me. Thanks again and happy new year!