199. embroidered bee.

Just a little late night embroidery session. Worked on this little bee.

192. bird mobile.

I’m really excited about this project!
I saw this on pinterest and followed the link and it looked like it was super easy to make! I started digging through my fabric scraps and instantly sewed the little birds. The directions call for sewing by hand, but I just used my machine and went slow around the curves. They turned out great! (the pattern for the birds can be downloaded from that link.)

I had to make a quick stop to home depot for the screw eyelets, which ended up costing $1.18. I took a stroll around the park to find a branch. I hot glued the birds to the branch. Screwed the eyelets into the branch and hung from the ceiling using fishing wire.

This would have been a great and much longer-lived idea for a mobile for milo’s room when he was a baby. I thought about hanging this in his room, but opted for hanging it above my computer in my office.  This was so fun to make and I’m really happy with it!

129. robot cards.

Milo got another birthday gift last night, so we whipped up these quick little notecards with some scrap fabric to say thanks!

113. thrift store pillow.

I found this knitted square at the thrift store today for 95 cents. I saw it and thought it would make a cute pillow, especially because earlier in the day I had been eyeing up something similar at CB2 for $40….I found some yellow fabric at the thrift store as well, stopped at the needle shop on my way home to buy a pillow form and threw this together. This probably would have taken me 15 minutes tops if my sewing machine wasnt being such a jerk. I spent a good deal of time wrestling with the top thread, only to give up and finish sewing the pillow by hand. It has a back flap, which I have never sewn before, but was super easy! I love it!

98. messenger bag.

Earlier this week I came across this tutorial on how to make a 32 minute messenger bag. Looked easy, and I thought it would be good to make something like this for when we run out to the park or need to just bring a few things. I’m really happy with how it turned out and it was incredibly easy. I used some heavier plaid fabric I got at a garage sale last year and lined it with a pillowcase I got at the thrift store. This purse probably cost me under $2 to make! I wanna make some kid sized ones!

85. buttercup bags.

I took a class at the needle shop a while back to learn how to make these buttercup bags. Right after the class I cut a bunch of pieces out to make a few more. Today I finally put those pieces together and finished up two of them.

58. fabric scrap notecards

My little guy has his first dentist appointment tonight, and I knew I would be rushing around once I got home, so I whipped up these notecards with some fabric scraps this morning. I cut more fabric and plan to make more – but for now here are a few. Happy monday!

09. owl.

I made an owl based on this pattern. The great thing about this pattern is you can make it using mostly fabric scraps. You can also add your own touches to give it some personality. It doesn’t take all that much time to make either. I definitely plan to make more of these. I need to figure out how to get the batting to not be so lumpy. Anyone got any tricks?