lego friendship bracelets.

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The perfect craft for your lego-obsessed kiddo! Actually mine loves making bracelets too so this really was the perfect craft. We had everything laying around at home, even the correct drill bit!

Flat LEGO bricks
Drill and 3/32″ drill bit
Embroidery thread (three colors per brick)
safety pin or needle

Using a drill and the 3/32″ drill bit, drill 2 holes in each LEGO brick; We found it was easier to do it from the back and through the round hole because when we did it through the front the lego broke.

Cut embroidery thread in a few different colors to one length.  Put all of the colors together and fold them in half. Thread the loop through one of the holes.Pull the loose strands through the loop you have formed once pulling part of the thread through the hole. I used the a safety pin and the top of a needle to help push the thread through the hole because the hole was kind of small. Pull the thread tight. I had milo hold the lego while I braided the thread. Tie knots at the end and you are done!

I found the original idea here. 

366. feather arrows.


My last post! i did it!

I saw this on pinterest a few weeks ago and fell in love!

One of the crazy 55 degree saturdays we had recently, Milo and I went exploring in the woods to see if we can find any stray bird feathers to make this project. We didn’t have any luck in the actual woods, but on our walk back to our house, I happened to look down and there were four bird feathers sticking out of someones lawn! I picked up dowel rods at michaels, and used embroidery floss that I already had. I’m still trying to think of a good way to display them. For now I found this vase at the thrift store for $2, so they are in there now, but its not quite right. I’m happy with the way these turned out, and they remind me of the little adventure milo and I took!

Thanks to everyone who followed me and hopefully was inspired a little to make something new-ish every day. It doesn’t have to be much – much thanks to pinterest! Couldn’t have done this blog without it.

Next year, i am definitely taking a break from a 365 project, but i definitely continue to make things – and will keep note of them here in this blog, so please continue to follow me. Thanks again and happy new year!