Milo found this tutorial to make a drum in one of his books he was reading for school. We finished a can of oatmeal this weekend, so the timing was right! It came together in no time and he felt accomplished after we created it together. Best of all, we had everything we needed on hand in the house.

Oatmeal container
2 balloons
2 rubber bands
construction paper
crayons, markers, paint, glue
2 pencils

First, take the lid off your oatmeal and cut the bottom out of the other side.  So now your oatmeal can has an open top and bottom.

Fit the piece of construction paper around the drum, and tape into place. Decorate as you wish gluing other construction paper to it, or using crayons or markers.

Cut the long part of the ballon off and stretch over the top and bottom of the oatmeal can as tightly as you can. Use the rubber bands to secure into place.

Use the eraser part of the pencil to hit the drum.