dinosaur hoodie.

Every kid needs a dinosaur hoodie! These are so easy to whip up! All you need is a hoodie and some felt, and a sewing machine (although you could probably easily do this by hand, it would just take a little bit longer). I had this thrifted hoodie sitting in milo’s closet, and I dug into my felt stash to make the spikes.

I glanced at this tutorial, and then I went to work. You can download a template for the spikes here, or you can just wing it. Fold on a seam, and cut enough spikes to cover the back of your hoodie. ( I ended up using only one sheet of felt for this 3T hoodie)


1. Fold your hoodie in half. You can iron it to make a nice crease – you will be using this as your guide to pin the spikes.
2. Pin the spikes to your hoodie – the middle of the spike should line up with the crease.


3. Once all your spikes are pinned, sew each one down the middle of the spike.
4. Once all your spikes are attached to the hoodie, then fold the spikes in half and sew up the sides of the felt.

341. snowglobes.

I have been wanting to make our own snowglobes for a while! I finally found some of these little christmas trees at micheals, so we were able to make these finally happen. I dunno though…I kind of feel like this is a pinterest fail in some ways. The glitter sticks to everything (we tried using glitter and glitter tinsel – the tinsel works better for sure). The trees seem to darken the water and we have to redo them. We used the glycerin, but in some of them (the middle snowglobe) the glitter gets all clumpy at the top ( I think b/c of the gylcerin). So I dunno. Has anyone else made these and have had luck? Whats the trick?! They seem so easy. Anyway, we had fun doing it and making a few as gifts! I love that milo picked a dinosaur for his on the end.

254. clothespin stegosaurus

Milo and I worked on this┬áStegosaurus…and had alot of fun doing so! Milo did a great job on the painting, don’t you think?!

101. glitter dino.

I glittered a dinosaur. Want to figure out a way to attach something to it to make it an ornament. For now, he will sit in my windowsill and make me happy.