cafe curtains.

IMG_4722 copy

I finally got around to making some cafe curtains for my little kitchen window. I used milo’s old crib sheet for the fabric, so that makes me happy that I found a good way to repurpose something so special. I used this tutorial as a rough guide, and the rings and rod are from target. This really didn’t take long to accomplish at all, especially because the fabric has little crosses on it, so I was able to use those as a guide when I hemmed them.  Curtains sure are hard to photograph!

273. roller blinds.

Our bedroom came with those cheap, vinyl roller blinds, so shortly after we moved in I bought fabric from Ikea to replace the vinyl with fabric and make roller blinds, using this tutorial. This morning I felt ambitious and thought I would attempt the small window and see what happens. Well, about 20 minutes later, I was done and I think it looks great! I used hot glue to adhere my fabric to the roller, stuck it back up in the window, put the dowel rod in, and just like that instant room make over. I still have to do two more larger windows…then maybe I will finally start hanging art on the walls.

Overall, i was shocked at how fast and easy these came together! If you are considering doing something like this…go for it! I

236. craft room curtains.

I was finally able to sew these curtains for my craft room. I cut the fabric a little shorter than I should have, so I had to make tabs to hang them. They ended up actually being a little longer than they should, but they will work just fine. Not too bad for my first time sewing curtains! You also can see the blue color we painted the craft room. It was a gross grey color (purple tones) with pale pink trim.

Craft room is coming together slowly. These helped alot!

148. curtains hemmed.

After three hours at ikea, one of the many much-needed things we needed for the new house were curtains. I’m not totally sure what to do with that front room yet. I want to get some fun chairs, but I think it will take some time to find. I was reluctant to pick curtains first, because they will dominate what the rest of the room has to look like now. But you can see right into the house, so we needed to get something up there for the time being. I settled on these curtains. At only $25, if they end up being too loud for the furniture we pick in there, I’ll use my sewing skill sand we’ll find somewhere else for them to go! But for now (maybe even permanently, here they are! I’m blogging about it because I hemmed them! We had curtains once in our bedroom at the condo and they were about 2 feet too long (and really ugly), so I ended up getting rid of them because I didn’t have the skills to hem them. Not this time! I’m going to full embrace having curtains….and hoping to make some for some other windows too!