milo’s blanket!

blanket blanket2

Well, one of the benefits of being so sick this week, is I had some extra time to work on this blanket I started for milo a few weeks ago. After he saw me making the baby blanket, he decided he needed to have one his size. He wanted it EXACTLY like that blanket, but I couldn’t stomach making the exact same thing again, so I changed it up a bit. I used “Loops and threads” Charisma yarn, which is also a bulky yarn and my N crochet hook. I started with 72 chains, and double crocheted until the end. I used five skeins of the grey yarn. I changed the stripes too – he insited on green stripes, but I was able to convince him to let throw in the blue stripe as well.  I feel like this yarn has more give than the previous yarn which is nice, but on the other hand, it looks alot cheaper, and seems like it will shed a bit. Its all acrylic and its nice and soft.

I don’t know what it is with this blanket, but i had to redo it three times, which is part of what took me so long. On one it kept getting narrower, and the other it kept getting wider. Third times the charm I guess because I got this one to work out. Its not perfect, but it works for milo! He is thrilled with it, so i guess thats all that matters. And since Milo is recovering from being sick, I finished it in perfect time for him to snuggle with it all day! Now I can spend some time on the granny stripe blanket.