bottlecap magnet.

magnetMilo loves easter, and who isn’t ready for spring… so we kicked off this spring season with a simple little craft using bottle caps and some construction paper.

I did the measuring, he did the gluing and cutting. It was great team work. when it was all done, we hot glued a magnet to the back and viola! Bring on the bunnies and the sunshine!

coffee filter butterflies.



I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely starting to get over winter and am ready for spring…Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the winter, I’m just ready for warmer days ahead. That being said, Milo and I worked on making these simple coffee filter butterflies in anticipitation of the first day of spring ahead. They are super easy to make and will keep your toddler or preschooler entertained for a bit.

You need
Coffee filters
Watercolor paints
Pipe cleaners

Lay the coffee filters flat, and paint the whole thing with different colors using the water color paints. Make sure to let the paint absorb the filters. Let them dry, and then accoridan fold the filter, about 1/2 an inch, each fold, and then secure with half a pipe cleaner. Display and hope that spring is on its way…

306. toddler art turned creatures.

I saw something like this on pinterest and thought it would be a fun little thing to do with milo. At first he wasnt having it. He freaked out when I added eyes to it. I had to quickly remove the eyes and let him keep working… But then he asked me to draw a mouth on the dragon (the red one) and once he started to see it come to life, he wanted to put eyes on it. Then he made a fish (the green one) to follow the dragon. Loved how these turned out! And I love how it made milo use his imagination to make something really cool. Check out how great he wrote his name too!

193. chewbacca.

A chewbacca embroidery to go with the wicket one I made a while back. These were both inspired by this post, which are way cuter…I might take another stab at this, not sure I love how it turned out, and I know a toddler who is going to be convinced this needs to be hung next to wicket when his room is ready!


40. valentines.

Tonight, milo and I put together the valentines we started a few weeks ago for the kids in his class. Nothing too crazy, I just designed a simple card that we cut out and glued to some card stock I had. Then we hot – glued the crayons to the cards. Milo was a great helper, and once again enjoyed modeling the finished product.