upcycled quilt ornaments.


Remember when I made these pillowcases out of my husband’s grandmother’s old quilts? Well there was alot of scraps leftover and I was trying to figure out what to do with them….I made some simple ornaments cutting hearts out of them, then sewing around the edges to keep them together. I also had a bunch of my husband’s grandfather’s buttons, so I use them to embellish them a bit. Im such a sucker for ornaments and I think this is going to be a lovely way to honor both his great grandmother and grandfather and have their memory with us at christmas!

crocheted whale.

IMG_5799 IMG_5802

I was itching to crochet something, and I found a pattern to crochet this little whale.  He turned out super cute, and was really easy! The only changes I made to the directions are I used a 4.0 hook, instead of a 3.75 hook, and a 3.5 hook instead of a 3.0 hook.

you can find the pattern here.

my 20’s summed up in a shadow box.

Many many days of my 20’s were spent at the fireside bowl.  It was there that I saw many many bands and shows that will forever be some of my best memories. I don’t have many of the tshirts anymore I collected from these days, but I still have all these buttons that used to be plastered all over my backpack in college. Now, they just sit in a drawer, collecting dust. I picked up a shadow box at ikea for $9.99 this weekend and hot glued them to a piece of cardstock. Now I have a way to display them and remember the good times!

80. pinwheels.

I found a tutorial here to make little paper pinwheels. These were suprisingly simple! I just glued them to straws and glued a button in the middle of them. I will definitely keep them handy for some cupcake-worthy occasion in the future.