bathroom update.

Next up: the bathroom. After a week of taking showers at the gym, we finally have ours back, and better than ever.

We only have one full bathroom in this house, and its small. It was somewhat updated before we moved in, but it just wasn’t my taste. And I know this might seem wierd, but I felt like it was someone else’s bathroom. And that kind of grossed me out. It definitely felt lived in a little bit and most importantly, I really wanted those shower doors gone.  It felt cramped enough in there- those doors were NOT helping that. Since the whole room was tiled (?!), it meant when we pulled off the doors, it would leave marks in the tile. And if we replaced the mirror, cabinet or the vanity, same problem. So it was my dream to completely change this bathroom if I could ever find someone who can do it within our budget. After a few quotes, I found that person.

Then it was time to put my vision in motion.  After trips to multiple stores and hours scouring the internet and pinning things on pinterest, I was ready to make it all come to life. It’s always fun to dream, but once that dream becomes a reality – the biggest reality sits in: BUDGET. But we somehow made this work and I’m very pleased with the new bathroom! The only thing we kept is the tub and the toilet. The rest went bye-bye!

Here is the old bathroom.

Here are some work in progress shots…

I’m in love with the floor tile! It came from menards of all places. It ended up costing about $50 total! Definitely a good find. When the time comes to finally redo our basement I may consider that tile!

The wall tile came from I really wanted that aqua blue glass subway tile. It is NOT easy to come by. It sells for about $9-15 sq/foot. Ouch.  But I found it for a little cheaper at build direct, and let me tell you – they were great to work with. Shipping was really expensive, since they are out of canada and tile is heavy – but they gave me the option to pick it up at their distribution center in Des Plaines, and that cut shipping in half! All was good, except for the part where we ran out of tile…but luckily, thanks to an amazing home depot employee, we found two more sheets of the tile BURIED on a shelf that did the trick.

One hiccup in the planning process was the vanity. Trying to find something that was modern, affordable and not a piece of crap wasn’t easy to come by. We found something we KIND of liked at menards, but it was on the expensive side, and why pay that much for something you only KIND of like?! Thats where my awesome friend Jesse came to the rescue.  He builds cabinets and agreed to design and build our cabinet within our budget. (he built us our amazing kitchen table!) And I have to say, this looks better than any vanity we saw in any of the stores!


By reconfiguring the door and drawers (we had two doors vs. the door and drawers now) we were able to get rid of the little cabinet that was above the toilet before. (less stuff makes it feel like we have a little more room in the tiny bathroom!) We moved the stuff that was in there into these drawers and we still have room under the sink for what was under the sink before.

And heres the grand reveal!

So much better! Not having shower doors makes a world of a difference in there. It feels so much less clausterphobic. I’m much much happier! If we are going to have to live with one tiny bathroom, might as well make it nice in there!