asymmetrical shell stitch baby blanket.


Cold weather = the time of year when I start to get the crochet bug.

I saw this blanket in my pinterest feed and I couldn’t get it out my head. When I read the pattern it seemed simple enough….

I actually ended up following this you tube tutorial, which is just a tad bit different than the pattern, but it worked for me and once I got it down I was obsessed. I knit this baby blanket using 2 3/4 skiens of lions brand homespun yarn that I had laying around in no time. I started on a Tuesday and was done by Sunday!  If I was knitting a baby blanket this would have taken me months!

So of course now I started a full size blanket…This is definitely going to take me some time, but I’m excited to have learned another crochet stitch.

crocheted baby blanket.

blanket1 blanket2

I finished this blanket over the christmas holiday break, but am just getting around to posting it now because I finally sewed the strands in. This was incredibly easy and because I used a fat hook and bulky yarn, it went really quick. I used about 6 skeins of yarn I believe. I started with 65 chains and single crocheted all the way through. Even though I have crocheted other projects before, I have never crocheted in a straight line very successfully. I made myself figure it out (i know its not hard, but i had to figure it out on my own). I definitely want to take another stab at this and make one a little bigger for milo because he has been asking for one after seeing me make this one. And this one is far from perfect, but its complete and it will hopefully make a nice gift.

and I can’t say this enough….Crocheting is SO much easier than knitting! This would have taken me months to complete if I was knitting. Go crochet go!

05. baby blanket.

I took a stab at making my first baby blanket, to give to one of my friends as a gift. It’s nice and big, and really soft. (maybe too big?) I didn’t really follow any pattern or anything. I basically took a yard of each fabric, sewed them right side together, turned inside out and then top stitched the edges.