Ditto.jpgMy family, and even some of our friends, are crazy for pokemon! I recently came across this pattern to sew up a ditto and I ended up making four. One for my son and three for some of his friends. They were a hit! I found the perfect fuzzy fabric at Jo-ann’s and I purchased 1/2 a  yard for $4.50. I still have enough to make about two more! I got the eyes for $1.50 and used embroidery thread to stitch the mouth.

You can find the pattern here, but also, Im going to insert it, in case it goes missing.

I cut out the pieces as advised, and poked holes in my pattern where the eyes and mouth should be. I used a sharpie ON THE INSIDE of my pattern piece to mark where the eyes and mouth will go. I then used embroidery thread and hand sewn the eyes and hand stitched the mouth.

I pinned my pieces, right side together, wrong sides facing me –  and sewed all along the edges, making sure everything was closed up and secured. I left the bottom open. I flipped it inside out to make sure my seams were all nice and closed – then put it back to  facing sides together. I pinned the bottom piece on, wrong side facing me, and left about a 1 inch or so opening so it can be turned inside out and stuffed.

I turned it inside out, filled it with stuffing and sewed it shut using and invisible seam, by hand.

This is not my pattern; credit belongs to:
OKEMON PLUSH PATTERN POKEDEX: mewkish.deviantart.com/journal…


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