colored bottle brush trees.

IMG_9791 copy.jpg

Ok, I’m back at the bottle brush tree making. After finding these trees at menards for such a good deal ($1.49 for the big ones, $.74 for the medium sized and $.74 for a pack of two small ones) I knew I had to give this a try. Plus my mantle needed a few more trees….right?

Rubber Gloves
Rit Dye (I found mine at joanne fabrics for $1.84 a box)
Bottle Brush treesIMG_9740.JPG

1. Make sure you are wearing gloves and clothes that you dont mind if they get dirty/ruined! Fill your bucket with about 3 cups water, 1 cup bleach. Dip your trees in there and give them a good swishing until the color strips off.  Be mindful of how  long you leave it in there, the bleach will eat away the brush bristles on your tree. This should only take a few minutes. Rinse the bleach off your trees.


2. Prepare your dye. I used about 2-3 cups hot water and about half the package of dye. Dip your trees in for as little or long as you’d like. Let them dry, and then I used a bottle brush to actually “comb” my bristles back into place.

What do you think? Overkill, or just want the mantel needed?
Found original tutorial here.

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