bottle brush trees.


I really wanted my mantel to be filled with all kinds of christmas trees, so I was searching for some ideas on how to make my own. Two years ago, I made these simple yarn trees, but my mantel looked bare and I felt like I needed more!

I made two more yarn trees this year, but I found this tutorial on how to make your own bottle brush trees.

The tutorial says you can use all kinds of textiles to make this work, but I found that really fluffy yarn or garland seems to work best. These also need some trial and error. They feel like you are making a complete mess, but after some trimming and scrunching, they seem to turn out, so keep trimming.

Heres what you need:

  1. Pliers, wire snippers, scissors
  2. wire (i used flower wire )
  3. fluffy yarn, twine, garland, rope,
  4. wine corks
  • Wrap yarn or garland around a glass or a styrofoam cone. Your tree will come out alot smaller than what you start with, so keep this in mind.
  • Cut a piece of wire Carefully remove your yarn or garland from the cone or cup and carefully cut a length of wire a bit longer than the length of your wrapped up tree. fold the wire in half and slip through the middle and over your pile of rope
  • Pinch each end of your wire with the pliers and give a few twists. You can then drop one pair of pilers and twist with your hand, until you feel it is tight enough. Make sure your stump is well twisted. At this point it will look terrible, like a fat pom pom. I pressed the middle of the tree with the pliers so that no threads are falling out.
  • Give your tree a hair cut. Keep trimming and fluffing until it is starting to resemble a tree. Cut a wine cork (in a slice for small trees and lengthways for larger trees) poke wire into the cork to stand your tree.

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