patchwork bunny.


I’m playing catch up for christmas here….I made another project from the quilts my husband’s great grandmother made. This time I turned it into a bunny for my mother in law for christmas. I used this pattern from purl soho. It was fairly easy to understand – I had some trouble but mostly b/c the quilt was so tattered and delicate in some places. This was actually my second one because the original one kept tearing because the quilt was in such bad shape. I was much more careful with this one and used pieces of the quilt that were in better standing. I love how this turned out and I think it will make a lovely keepsake. I really enjoyed this pattern though and I want to make some using regular fabric, or felt, as it suggests, so stay tune for that! I think they would make great baby gifts.

2 responses to “patchwork bunny.

  1. Sue

    I love this bunny. It is definately a wonderful keepsake! I have used those quilts since I was a kid. When DJ was little and we would forget his quilt at home, he would pull one of these off of the beds and drag it around. Special memories, thank you, Erica.

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