happy new year!


Happy new year!

This blog, which started as new years resolution to make something every day, is now entering its fourth year! I’m going to try to keep at it again this year – not blogging every day, but im going to continue to make things and document them here!

One thing I’d like to do more of is crochet.  Or at least crochet away my my yarn stash!  This granny square project has been haunting me for almost 5 years. I started it with the intention to make a granny square blanket. I had never crocheted in my life, and I hit up some friends one afternoon determined NOT to learn how to crochet, but how to crochet a granny square, and a granny square only. I swore I had enough hobbies and didn’t need any more! So they taught me how to make a granny square and I made about 100 of them for a few months while my son was a baby. I then took a stab at a few more projects since then and have realized that I DO really like crocheting and I understand it A WHOLE lot more than knitting. Im able to figure out projects on my own and things just make sense to me.  Also, it seems that I can usually find a you tube video that helps me through what im trying to figure out.

This bag of granny squares has been staring at me all these years and I’m determined to do something about it this year!

Ive seen granny square a day projects, and I think about starting one EVERY year, but I already have so many made….What I really need to know how to do is connect these babies. OH and remember how the heck we actually made these squares so that I can make more….

I took a look at how to make other granny squares with a round center and after a few trial and error attempts – I figured it out.  And now that I understand HOW to crochet, these were a breeze to whip up and they look so much more consistent than they have in the previous ones I’ve created.  So I weeded some out. I don’t have 100 anymore. Im ok with that because I have so much yarn laying around I can easily whip up some more. And they look so much better.

Next up: connecting these bad boys. I tried whip stitching them and I tried connecting with single crochets.  But heres the problem; since I didn’t really know what I was doing, when I initially made all  these, they are all different sizes. They aren’t really consistent.  And when I crochet them together it doesn’t lie flat and looks kind of awful.  I sat on it for a few days and realized its ok; this first 100 were a learning process and now that I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to just start over.  I think that crocheting them as you go method would look much nicer anyway.  But THEN I realized, that I could just cut the white border off the ones I ALREADY made, and the crocheting as you go method WILL work and I can save a lot of the work I already did! I got rid of about 1/3 of them b/c they were kind of on the bigger side (probably from when I was still learning) and started making a whole bunch more on my own. I probably made about close to 30 this weekend. I started to do the crochet as you go method, as well as sewing in the ends and I have about 12 crocheted together now and I’m SO much happier with it than when I started. AND the thought that I will actually complete this project this year makes me really really happy!

So I will continue to keep you posted on my progress with this blanket, but for now I’m excited that this project that I was so passionate about, will finally get some love again!

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