popsicle stick tree ornaments.


The ornament making just doesn’t stop! Earlier this week a note from school went home mentioning that the kids can bring a small trinket or card to pass out to the kids in the classroom during their holiday party. I hate when milo comes home with junk and the last thing a kid needs is another bouncy ball, pencil or eraser.  And they discourage candy. So I thought milo could make something.  He needed 23 of them to pass out – so for $2.09 I was able to get 100 popsicle sticks, use some green paint i already had and get rid of some of my many many buttons I have laying around! We set up a sort of assembly line  and knocked these out in two nights. I first had milo paint all the sticks.  Once those were dry, we glued them together with the hot glue gun. I did the hot-gluing, milo added the ornaments. He had the idea to use his star stickers, instead of me making 23 stars. (thank goodness for that – my star making abilities arent so hot)  The following night we made the gift tags, again I made him sign his name 23 times and we attached them to string to hang the ornament and then glued that to the back.

I think this was a great little project to show/teach kids the importance of a handmade gift.  Milo is always coming home from school with drawings from other kids in the class that they make for eachother. I know this was probably alot of work crammed in the course of two nights for a kindergartner, but I think he had fun doing it, and i know he will be proud to pass these out to all his friends!

so to recap, for these you will need:
popsicle sticks (i used the fatter ones)
green paint
hot glue
sequins, buttons, stickers, glitter
cardstock/paper for the trunk

1. paint all your popsicle sticks
2. Once they are dry, glue them in a triangle shape.
3. Decorate your tree with buttons, sequins, stickers, glitter, etc. Add a star on top!
4. Cut a rectangle from brown card stock/paper and glue to the bottom for a trunk.
5. Glue string on the top back of the tree.

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