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Happy hanukkah!

While we aren’t jewish, or practice any faith for that matter, I thought it would be fun to teach milo about hanukkah and its traditions that go along with it.  He is learning ALOT about christmas at school right now, and is coming home with very lavish stories about the day jesus was born and how a pointsetta came to be so I thought it would be nice to balance it out and learn a little about the jewish side of things. At this age, Milo is like a little sponge. He loves to learn and is just fascinated with new things so I think this is going to be something right up his alley!

Also my husband visited jerusalem a few years ago and it was one of his favorite places he has traveled. He dropped the ball on bringing us home a menorah, so I decided to make my own with materials we had laying around.   I put it together and picked up a book at the library and we read the book, talked about the history of the holiday and lit the first candle.

Here’s what you need:
9 Small plastic animals or dinosaurs (this toob brand works great and are $9.99 at micheals. use a coupon and get them for $5!)
Candle holders/risers (these are kind of hard to come by but i bet you can find some on etsy)
drill bit
spray paint
hot glue
a piece of wood for your base ( a paint stirrer or a wooden ruler would probably work!)
small square lego
Menorah candles (found mine for $2 at target)

First I drilled a hole into all my animals and stuck the candle holder inside. I took my animals outside and spray painted them, along with the base and the lego.  Once these dried I used hot glue and glued them all on the base.  ( My base is just a piece of wood I found in my garage, that i hacksawed to size!  I used a hacksaw AND a drill in this project. It felt good to play with some tools!! )The center animal needs to be higher than the rest, so this is where the lego comes into play.  I used it as a little base for the giraffe, which was the tallest animal and this became the center candle.

Tomorrow night were going to play dreidel and I think another night we are going to make some potato pancakes. Let me know if you have any ideas we can do with a 5 year old to celebrate and keep him excited about this holiday! Trying to avoid giving him a gift each day…since we celebrate christmas he gets enough!

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